A difficult time of year for many people, the holidays are often wrought with anxiety, exhaustion, stress, and depression. Last night, after our Christmas Eve dinner, my father-in-law asked me about my experience of working with clients during the holiday season.   A Pastor in a Presbyterian Church for over 25 years, with significant experience providing counseling and consultation, he shared that he’d suspected that the greatest contributor to our modern day dis-ease was loneliness.  Indeed.  Loneliness is a powerful feeling that can manifest in a variety of psychological ailments and can be experienced as somatic/physiological symptoms and illness.

Synchronously, this morning I found this Huffington Post article on Loneliness by Deepak Chopra.  In it, he highlights 3 steps to help combat loneliness.  I have found these lessons to work well for me in my own life (even if they are occasionally forgotten) and I hope you find them useful as well.  Here they are, briefly:

Step 1: Have A Vision That You Devote Time To Every Day
Step 2: Put Yourself In A Context For Fulfillment
Step 3: View Your Life As A Process, A Never-Ending Journey

For more, read the full Deepak Chopra article.

Are you fulfilled?  What keeps you from feeling lonely? Please share your comments and feedback below.