It is not yet spring, we are in the final weeks of winter, with the accompanying weather fluctuations of sunny and high 60’s one day and 20 degrees and freezing rain the next. Even though March and the official onset of spring is not quite yet here, throughout this month, I have been following the urge to shake off the dust of winter and let go of the accumulations of the past year.  Deep cleaning, letting go of possessions that I don’t use or need, and clarifying desires for the coming seasons are all parts of this annual ritual to welcome in the new light and renewed energy of spring.

Letting go can be incredibly healing, allowing the blocked energy of grief or loss, frustration or anger to express itself and transform.

This year, as you prepare for the warmer weather, I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is occupying my world that is no longer serving me?  It may be a physical object, a limiting belief, or an unhealthy relationship.
  • What would I like to let go of, or transform into something that would be life-sustaining rather than depleting?
  • What energy would I like to welcome in for this coming year?  What mental and emotional space would I like to occupy?


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