Honoring our experiences often means expressing our feelings in some form. This recent NPR article talks about the origins and aims of The Fear Project, a creative endeavor of associate professor Julie Elman at Ohio University.

Elman started out by asking herself, as well as those closest to her, to share their fears, which she then visually interpreted and created drawings for. Her drawings are colorful, imaginative and easily accessible, and many of the fears are relatable.

Sharing your own fears or desires in an artistic way can be a way to gain a different perspective on them. The creative process frequently offers insights and alternatives not previously available to the conscious mind. For many adults, a return to the tools of childhood (crayons, markers, finger paint, etc.) can feel strange at first, but I believe there is wisdom and freedom in allowing your hands (or feet!?) to use these tools to do what they are moved to do in the service of expressing what needs to be expressed.

Read the full NPR article by Kainaz Amaria:

How To Draw Out Your Worst Fears 


What are you afraid of?

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