A Photograph of Your Inner Child

Find a picture of yourself as a child, ideally between the ages of 3 and 7.

  • Choose a special frame for it – this could mean buying a new frame, creating your own frame, or using one of your favorite frames for it.
  • Put it in a place where you’ll see it often.


Spend some time reflecting on this younger self:


  • What are they thinking and feeling in this photo?
  • What did they need?
  • What were their favorite colors or toys?
  • What did they love to do at this time in their life?
  • What was their personality like?


Once a day (or once a week if that feels right) make an offering to this child in the form of a verbal or written affirmation such as:

  • You are brave
  • You are good
  • You deserve to be loved
  • I love you
  • May you be full of joy
  • May you be happy
  • Your feelings matter
  • You are important
  • Anything else that recognizes and honors this child



Allow yourself to experience the reverence, admiration, tenderness, compassion, or appreciation that arise over time from within for this child.